Wooden Puzzle Clock - New Classic Toys

Wooden Puzzle Clock - New Classic Toys

This multi-faceted, colourful, educational, wooden puzzle clock provides different functions, that can be used in a variety of ways with your little one to develop different skills as they grow, enabling learning whilst having fun.  Its’ bright colourful shapes fit into the matching slots, encouraging children to learn the names of shapes, colours and numbers.  A brilliant educational toy that can be used over and over again to teach a diverse range of new skills as a child grows and develops.  The hands on the clock move helping children to learn to tell the time using a 12 hour and 24-hour clock, whilst supporting mathematical learning such as counting. 

This beautifully crafted clock enhances fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive and problem-solving skills supporting your little one to meet their developmental goals. 

This wooden clock is manufactured to  meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

Suitable for children ages 2+ years

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Age: 2+ Years
Brand: New Classic Toys