Mum/Grandma Mother’s Day Poem & Chocolate Gift Hamper

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Mum/Grandma Mother’s Day Poem & Chocolate Gift Hamper

Treat the lovely lady in your life this Mother’s Day with our luxury chocolate and our gorgeous poem framed with a picture of the special little one and the recipient!Perfect for Grandma’s Granny’s, Nana’s, Nanny’s and Mum’s!

In our luxury poem & chocolate gift hamper you get:

  • Milk Chocolate Hot Chocolate Bomb Cocaba
    Filled with marshmallows which taste absolutely divine. A spoil yourself, loved one or friend with this luxurious decadent Hot Chocolate
  • Truffles Cocaba
    Delectable, rich, truffles spoil yourself, a loved one or friend with this special treat.
  • Decorative Tin Candle
    This candle packaged in an elegant tin with lovely flamingo or flower illustrations, has a lovely aroma as it burns, helping relaxation and creating a cosy environment to put your feet up and relax after a busy day.
  • Our Framed Mothers Day Poem
    The poem describes the special relationship between and grandchild and grandparent, accompanied with a lovely photograph, is an ideal gift  that any grandparent would adore and a daily reminder to let them how much they are loved and cherished. The poem is printed on special textured paper to add to the luxurious feel of the gift.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You have a Choice of 2 Poems which can be placed in the Frame:

Option 1: Role Can Be (Granny, Nanny or Mummy)

My wonderful Granny, I love you so much
You make everything magical, with your special touch
We go for days out to the farm and the park
We read lots of stories when it starts to get dark
Granny, every day is an adventure with you
We play at the beach and go to the zoo
When I am tired at the end of the day
You give special cuddles to make it okay
Granny you’re always so much fun
We dance, we play, we bake, we run
We smile, we laugh and we always giggle
You give lots of tickles and I squiggle and wiggle
Granny I’m so lucky to have you in my life
You fill every day with something nice
There’s no-one else as precious as you
My adorable granny, I really love you!

Option 2: (Mum Only)

My mum is wise and loving 
She guides me through my life
Gives me  confidence to follow my dreams
And offers lots of good advice

I know my mum will be there 
No matter what I do 
A constant steady influence
Who loves me through and through

You’ve nurtured me and helped me grow
I’m so lucky you are my mum
You taught me to be kind and good
And ensure that life is full of fun

I hope that I can make you proud
In everything I do
I hope one day that I will be
As wonderful as you!

Presented in a gorgeous wicker basket.

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Brand: Hampers by Lauren